Be Healthy – Health Week @Chai Point

Everyone loves to drink tea. During the course of a working day, I am sure everyone drinks at least one cup of tea. Health wise also a cup of tea is better than a cup of coffee. A cup of tea in the morning is the energetic kick that one needs to get into action.

Today we see a number of upscale Chai outlets like Chai Point, Cha Bar, Wagh Bakri Tea Lounge etc have come up in the metro cities. And this solves the problem of going to any road side unhygienic tea wallas and drinking the tea just to satiate your urge.

Chai Point is one of the pioneers in the Chai world today. Chai Point has now over 15 outlets in Delhi NCR and more are coming. They serve specialty infused chais like Rose, Kashmiri Kahwa, Nilgiri Frost, Spicy Orange, and also Spiced Mango Iced Chai, Paan Shake, Tiramisu Shake, and Dum Cloud (Persian chai served latte style or cappuccino chai).

You can read more about Chai Point in my earlier post –

Recently Chai Point celebrated Heath Week at all its outlets and also introduced new tea flavours, new flavours in Iced Tea, and also in milk shakes. Chai Point is committed in providing healthy tea to all its customers, and they follow these norms very strictly. Even the paper glasses they use to serve tea are water proofed with natural bee wax instead of normal wax used by other outlets.

Also Chai Point has already been using sulphur-less sugar in its outlets. During this Heath week, they introduced “Jaggery Tea”; which is quite a healthy option. We all are great lovers of Gur, and know that it is quite healthy for us. Instead of using the chemical laden sugar, usage of Gur to sweeten our cup of Tea will certainly help us gain points with our health. You see, most of the naturopathy centers across India serve you tea with Gur only.

The tea with Gur served to me did not appeal to my palate, as it contained a lot of milk. I love my tea with very small quantity of milk, and also the fact that both milk and gur make the tea thick; it made the tea a little over flavoured with milk. The taste and flavours of tea were lost in the process. So I suggested them to try out a mix with little milk or with no milk and see how it goes.

Infact I came back home and tried making Gur chai without milk, and I loved it, and hope that you also are going to love it when you go to Chai Point and try out their Gur Tea.

Besides the Gur Chai, Chai Point has also introduced the Imly Jaljeera Iced tea, and also Peach flavoured Iced Tea. Imly chai is absolutely a gem; in the coming summers this certainly will be a great hit and Imly is healthy too. This reminded me of the great Imlayaana that my mom used to make on Akshya Tritiya (in 2017 it is on 29th April). Don’t miss this tea folks.

Also introduced were new flavours in milk shakes and I tried the Berry Blast and Chilly Guava ones. Personally I am a great lover of guava juice, and the mix that they have made with chilly and Guava was a marvel. The chill instantly hits your throat, and the sweetness of guava balances the affect. It was just divine. And guys, this is coming from an avid Guava juice lover – so you can imagine how divine the new flavour is…

To end up my visit, I tried one last tea – Iced Lemon tea. Was I floored again? Oh yes, the flavours hit me hard, and all I could do was spend another 5-10 minutes at Chai Point and finish my lemon tea.

Thanking the staff and praising them for the great work that they are doing, I finally left hoping that from now on – its only gonna be healthy tea for me.









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