Marshmallow Cakes & more

Marshmallow Cakes & more – that in itself is mouth watering, They say Whats in a name? I say everything is there in the name. If you name it correctly; half the battle is won. And the rest has to be won by quality n level of service.

And people at Marshmallow Cakes & more, Pitampura has won almost 90% of the battle. Lovely presentation, and amazing taste – that’s what I got delivered yesterday evening.
Most of my friends know how much I love sweets/desserts and cakes. And also that it is damn hard to satisfy me when it comes to cakes and pastries. And I must say that M C & m has certainly done a great job in making me happy.
I got a Pineapple Cake garnished with white chocolate granules. It was like a bundle made of fresh snow fall.

It was an awesome experiment done with a normal traditional pineapple cake. And the result was an amazing taste. The white chocolate added to the already great texture of the cake as far as the visuals go, and on the same hand added the wow factor to the taste too.

Great work, guys – Keep it up.
I also tried some of the other flavours – and liked the Choco truffles and Black Forest. The choco truffle again was a great preparation and everybody at home was seen demanding more after the bite they got.
The best part with all the cakes and pastries was the correct amount of sweetness, freshness and the fluffiness. Every thing was well balanced and though we had finished our dinner and desserts some time back in the evening, the cakes left us wanting more.
Surely recommendable and forcing me for a visit soon to the outlet for more….Yeh Dil mangey more!

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