Be a Pahadi at Yeti – The Himalayan Kitchen

Hauz Khas Village was off my list for quite some time. In fact I visited HKV after a gap of about 6-7 months when I heard that Yeti – The Himalayan Kitchen is back to HKV. And believe me friends I was more than happy to have re-visited the area and had a great time at Yeti.

Yeti is the best place where you get great Himalayan food at the GK2 outlet of Yeti for quite some time, and now they have opened an outlet at HKV with great Buddhist décor which makes you feel altitude sick. Prayer wheels as soon as you enter makes you feel divine and various artifacts reflect the Himalayan atmosphere.

Well I have visited almost all of the Himalayas for my treks, flying and mountaineering expeditions and have spent quite some time in the hills, and started liking and become a die-hard addict of Pahadi food. The pahadi cuisine is unique, rustic and super tasty. Whenever I have made a visit in the past, I have tried at least one new dish every time.

I was amazed when I found that the chef and the management at Yeti have done great justice with the cuisine. Everyone visiting HKV must visit Yeti to try, enjoy and certainly fall in love with the pahadi khana.

For us it was a mega treat. We tasted quite a few dishes. We started with a Chocolate shake and a Virgin Mojito (highly recommended by Priyanka), and quickly indulged in starters, namely Piro Aloo, Aloo ka Achar, Veggie Momos, Aloo Momoms, Bhatmas ra Chiura, Mushroom in black bean, Yeti veg platter, Crispy Spinach, and Tingmo.

Normally I have found the real pahadi food quite spicy, and after my first ever smoking hot spice food experience in hills, I have always requested my hosts to hold back the chilly and other spices so that I could enjoy the authentic fragrances and tastes of the meals. Here at Yeti, my hosts Prashant and Priyanka, I guess had an intuitive idea about this, as they had already instructed the kitchen staff to tone down the spices. But still, a few starters and chutneys made me smoke as I took the first bite.

Sipping alternately on my choco shake along with the starters made things a little better, and the best was when I took alternate bites of the spicy starters with Tingmo.

We then moved to the main course, and I chose the veggie Thakali Thaali, which had Daal, Curd, Rai ko Saag, Piro Aloo (Fried Potatoes), Gundruk (sun-dried and fermented Radish leaves), in house made Radish Pickle, Papad and Rice, and Paneer in a thick curry. They also have a non veggie version of Thakali Thali – the only difference being options of Chicken  and Mutton Curry in place of Paneer and Mushroom Curry to choose from.

We also tasted Mushroom Datchi with Tingmo, and a note here for my audience – Don’t miss it. Its not the usual Cheese sauce that you get in other food outlets. This is real cheese sauce made in-house and Datchi and Tingmo combo is just a killer. Even a person who is not very fond of cheese, yes that’s me, fell in love with it. You sure will come back again and again for this and thank me for recommending this.


Now was the time for desserts, and who could have been happier on the table? That’s me guys, but I had to wait for some time (I was told this takes 40 plus minutes to prepare) for Yomari (Nutella Momos), sweet Newari steamed rice dumplings with Nutella chocolate. But it surely was a wait worth it. The nutella was nothing new, but they way this was used in momos was absolutely amazing, delightful and divine. This really was the highlight of the evening, and friends at Yeti, be ready for many more of my visits for Yomari.



Food: 4.5/5           Decor: 4/5       Hospitality: 4.5/5

Address: Hauz Khas Village Delhi.

Cost for two: INR 1300/- approx

All pics by Pradeep Chamaria for exatraveller

Disclaimer: The review is done on invite from the outlet and the experiences shared are based on th eday and time of our visit.


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