Buns at Papa Buns

Who could have imagined that minor changes that took place in the kitchens of the prisons in South Africa during Apartheid can be innovatively utilized in developing a delectable dish, namely the Bunny Chow.

During Apartheid, the food served to non-whites including Indians prisoners posed a problem, the gravy/daal used to spread out in the plates making the food messy before it reached the mouths. To overcome this they started using square shaped breads with a cavity which can hold the gravy/daal.


This concept has been very artistically pioneered by Papa Buns. Though this concept has been tried in different versions at other eateries too, but Papa Buns have achieved the perfection in terms of presentation as well as retaining the tastes of the individual components of the dish.

Papa Buns is an Indian chain of coffee shops and they offer delicacies from around the world, and is a very well known outlet to the people in South Delhi. To spread out their operations further, Papa Buns recently launched its newly open outlet at Hudson Lane.

We recently had an opportunity to visit the Hudson lane outlet and taste some of the delicacies that they offer. Papa Buns extensive menu features a lot of global cuisines and delicacies. Hot stuffed buns and Bunny chows are their specialties and they also serve hot n cold beverages, desserts, coolers, snacks and cookies.

We started our meals with a refreshing glass of Virgin Mojito followed by the hottest item on the menu, Chocolate Hot bun. It looked like a normal bun, but as we opened it at the center, a volcano of hot chocolate erupted and spread all over the bun. The choco flavour and taste was divine. The presentation of the bun was also exquisite and I am sure this is going to be the show stealer in the DU campus area.

The buns at PapaBuns are deliciously packaged as an assortment of bite and a square meal; they are hot buns with a variety of fillings inside. They are less messy to eat than burgers and hot dogs and are sumptuously delicious.

Next was the signature dish, the Bunny Chow. We opted for the Paneer Makhani filled Bun. As I have mentioned earlier this is a South African fast food dish consisting of a hollowed out loaf of bread filled with curry. The gravy soaked into the walls of the bread served and gave a new twist to the taste. The buns were served with a side portion of grated carrot, chilli and onion salad. Guys, Bunny Chows has its origin from the Durban Indian community, so desi flavoured fillings are very common.

They do have other fillings too, both in veggie and non veggie sections for both of their amazing buns – Hot buns and Bunny Chow, so non-vegetarians, don’t worry – they have a lot  of chicken, lamb, n mutton options in this international Avtar of our own Mumbaiya Paav-bhaji. Yes guys, its just like the desi Paav Bhaji.

`We at Papa Buns aim at offering delicious and a variety of dishes to people by adding components to our menu from every corner of the world. Taste, quality, fusion is what we believe in and through this meet we want to reach out to the food extremists with our amazing offering. Undoubtedly, food holds great power and we believe in its potential, says E` Mr Piyush Mathur, Owner of Papa Buns.

For us, it was an amazing flavoursome Sunday evening thanks to our PR friends and also because of the lovely little chats I had with Mr Mathur about our personal travel and tantric experiences.

During the chat sessions, we continued with our foodie journey too, and feasted on Pasta and Pizzas along with regular cold beverages like shakes and cold coffee. Parej tried Alferado Pasta, cooked with creamy cheese sauce and vegetables. And I tried their Veg supreme pizza. The facial expression on Parej’s face was constantly telling me that the pasta was super duper tasty. I also loved my pizza which was thick crust with ample cheese and veggie toppings.

Besides these dishes they also have on offer  various Bruschettas, Sandwiches, Nachos, Biryani, Pita with Hummus and other types of snacks. We had to skip these as we were already full. My chats continued on with Mr Mathur, and Parej went on to order some desserts, namely the Choco Truffle pastry, Chocolate Walnut tart and Mango Mousse. The entire meal had been a savoury delight, so how can desserts stay behind. They were all fantabulously marvelous, I specially loved the choco truffle.

Finally thanking a wonderful host and his family and also the PR team we bid bye bye with a promise to come back again and continue our foodie journey at Papa Buns.

About Papa Buns

Papa Buns is an Indian chain of coffee shops that caters to your daily palate and is the answer to all your cravings, Specialising in signature buns, Papa Buns brings to you a unique healthy delicious mini meal. What`s more, even when you have a carving for in-between pickings, Papa Buns could whip up a quick, light meal you could nibble on.



Food: 4/5              Hospitality: 4.5/5              Decor: 3.5/5

Address: Hudson Lane, G T B Nagar, Delhi

All pics by Pradeep Chamaria for exatraveller.

Disclaimer: We reviewed this outlet on the owner’s invite. Our views are based an the time and date of our visit.


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