A foodies Delight – Dr. Oetker products

For a strict vegetarian photographer like me having fast food like sandwiches, burgers in my backpack is very important. You see, during a shoot day, having a quick bite is very important. But buying these from market outside cannot be safe as they might not be freshly made.

Butte and jams on my sandwiches are boring, and making sandwiches every morning by making sauce to apply on the bread etc. is very tiring and monotonous. So, I was looking for some ready made flavoured sauce which I could just apply on breads and pack them.

Mayonnaise is one of the healthy options in market, but most of the available ones are not vegetarian and also just plain flavours. But then I learned about the eggless mayonnaise of Dr. Oetker and wanted to try them out. Recently I received a packet containing my favourite salad dressing and three Eggless flavours of Mayonnaise from Dr. Oetker Fun Foods.


The three different flavours of mayo were Veg, Green Mint and Tandoori, and the salad dressing is my all time favourite, 1000 Islands. Besides these, they also have four other vegetarian flavours making it a total of 7 varieties of mayonnaise. They even have a diet flavour for the calorie conscious people.

Well guys, Mayonnaise as everyone now knows is a French sauce which is used in making sandwiches, salads and formulas for many a variety of sauces and dressings. Mayonnaise is a high calorie spread which keeps me filled up all the daylong when I am out on assignments. And did I miss telling you that it makes my sandwiches deliciously tasty.

Besides high calories, mayonnaise is a healthy mix of freshness, nutrients and good health. Even doctors say this. Mayonnaise has been advised to women having painful postmenopausal stages. It contains vitamin E which is a nutritious antioxidant, which helps in improving the immune system, and is good for eyes too.

My experience with Dr Oetker Fun Foods mayonnaise was quite fantabulous. I found all the three flavours smooth, creamy and fulfilling. I tried the flavours differently like dips, in sandwiches, and also as sauce with my paranthas particularly the Tandoori flavour.

The Green mint and Tandoori flavours made me go crazy with my sandwiches. I even ate them just like that while making my sandwiches in the mornings. The best part for me is my slim body, because of which I don’t have to bother about calories in my food. So feasting on these new flavours was never a problem.

These mayonnaise flavours are now easily available in a very affordable price range.  It has shelf life of five months from the date of manufacturing, but once opened it has to be kept refrigerated and consumed within a month.

But the problem was that once opened, it lasted only for a few days. I had to go out and buy more packs within a week’s time.

These mayonnaise flavours are available in the market for Rs. 79 for a 275 gm pack.

Well, I seem to have forgotten about the second product which came with the packet, the 1000 island Salad dressing. Friends, as I said earlier 1000 Island has been my favourite salad dressing for ages. And the Salads made at home are never served without this dressing to me. I have had not used any dressings from Dr. Oetker earlier, but after using this one I can vouch that there will never be any 1000 Island dressings bought in my home – if it is not Dr. Oetker’s. It was creamy and smooth and tasted awesomely fresh and flavourful.


This world renowned dressing gets its name from the Thousand Islands region near New York. With this we can make delicious salads or even use this as a sandwich spread. Whatever way you use it, it surely is going to make you go gaga. I tried it with my cream crackers and invented a new snack for myself.

!000 island salad dressing from Dr. Oetker is available for Rs 99 in a 260 gm pack. Believe me guys; this product will make your veggies also always sing Dr. Oetker tunes at your home during meal times.

About Dr Oetker Fun Foods:

Dr. Oetker was established in the year 1891 in Germany. Dr. Oetker India Pvt. Ltd was established in 2007. In 2008 company acquired leading company of western Cuisine in India, Fun Foods. Dr. Oetker in India functions as the parent brand and aims to have various sub-brands under its umbrella. The first and current sub-brand is Funfoods.

Funfoods is a leader in offering western cuisine in India and thus a perfect match. The product range includes mayonnaises, sauces, spreads, salad dressings, cakes, dessert toppings amongst others.

Considering that Indians follow various religions that drive them to be either vegetarians or turn vegetarian on certain days of the week, depending on their beliefs, Oliver Mirza, MD, Dr. Oetker India, which owns the Fun Foods brand, said “having an eggless product is a plus”. Dr. Oetker India has seven variants in eggless mayonnaise and it is the market leader with a share of over 65%.


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