vHEALTH – Journey through the Disease

As I sat in a packed press conference, it felt like as if all the problems related to visiting a doctor or a specialist when one gets sick are going to be a thing of the past. It was the occasion of official global launch of a Digital Primary Health Care Service, “VHEALTH by ATENA”, by Atena International and its fully owned subsidiary, The Indian Health Organisation.

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India has been chosen to be the first country where vHEALTH by Atena has been launched because of the immense requirement of proper healthcare for its citizens. And also the fact that India is emerging as the leading Medical Tourism destination further made India as the most potential country for the launch.

What do we do when we get sick or when we need some medical advice? Well, in India everyone is a doctor in his/her own rights. We have the age old “Dadi Maa ke Nushkhe” and also the pre-experienced medicines as advised by mom, papa, brother, sisters, friends, neighbours and even not so friendly people around you. We also do research on internet now a days and find out medicines which can make us feel better.

If things still don’t improve we approach our family doctor who normally happens to be a general practitioner most of the times. But because of these delays at times the ailment becomes serious and at times life taking.

All these things happen because of certain issues like lack of proper facilities like doctors chamber near you, testing laboratories near you etc. Also at times the sky rocketing fees of a doctor is an issue.

But no need to worry now, the vHEALTH app is here to solve all these issues. The app launched by Aetna International (www.aetnainternational.com), one of the world’s largest health benefits businesses is going to be available for an annual fees of Rs. 2400/- for a family of 4. That means Rs 600/- for one member and all your health related worries are taken care of by specialists for a year. This is not even one tenth of the regular doctor’s fees that one normally pays.

The membership give you unlimited number of 30 minute consultation slots to you with a doctor on phone or on the app through which one can explain his entire history and current status to a doctor, who then can prescribe medicines or further tests. Even these medicines referred are going to be of generic nature which are quite economical and in the prescription they are going to mention the chemical composition also so as to find any alternatives. They will also advice the testing labs near your place. Above all these services will be offered at a discount and also are offered home deliverable.

vHEALTH will entitle members to unlimited primary care consultations, to include the management of chronic conditions, treatment of minor illnesses, advice on alternate treatment options, interpretation of diagnostic reports and guidance to stay healthy. Not only does this innovative service provide comprehensive, accessible primary health care, it also paves the way for a fully connected care package, reducing the need for hospital visits, and allowing members to manage their own health and keep all their health care records in one place.

Patients can rate their doctors immediately, and each doctor is carefully audited to ensure only the highest care, whilst maintaining complete confidentiality.

India is the first market in the world to see the launch of ‘vHealth by Aetna’ and is set to become the centre of excellence for global expansion of this service, with subsequent launches planned in other key global markets later this year. The Indian Health Organisation, Aetna International’s fully owned subsidiary in India, plans to have 4 million members in India by 2020, with revenue of INR 300 cr.

Dr Sneh Khemka, President of Population Health, Aetna International said, “At Aetna International, we believe that new innovations and technology will fundamentally change the way health care is managed and delivered. India has a reputation for rapid acceptance of technology, including smartphones, making it a perfect market for the launch of such an innovative tool, which we believe will revolutionize the primary care system.  The combination of our ‘vHealth by Aetna’ centre, our clinical expertise and our extensive network of medical partners, allows us to provide a uniquely integrated healthcare journey, which we believe will be of enormous benefit to our members.  We are very excited for India to be leading the way with this first launch of ‘vHealth by Aetna’.”

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Manasije Mishra, Managing Director, Indian Health Organisation & Aetna India said, “Health care can appear complex and hard to navigate. ‘vHealth by Aetna’ can be a guide and partner in managing your family’s health.”  He continues, “Our doctors are trained and certified as per Swiss tele-medicine standards, and follow robust clinical protocols built by Medgate A.G., a Swiss market leader in tele-medicine for over 15 years.  These protocols, customised for India, enable our doctors to provide evidence based diagnosis and care.  We believe that the resulting clinical quality, together with the breadth and convenience of this service will be unparalleled in the Indian health care market.”

About The Indian Health Organisation

Indian Health Organisation is one of India’s leading healthcare benefit companies enabling people to effectively manage their health. IHO’s mission is to make quality healthcare accessible through an integrated primary care service, to become a trusted guide and provide customised healthcare solutions. With the focus on clinical excellence, digital technology and a wide network of healthcare partners, IHO is working towards redefining primary healthcare in India. IHO has the biggest outpatient network of high quality medical professionals and diagnostic facilities spread across 38 cities. Indian Health Organisation is a subsidiary of Aetna INC, a Fortune 100 company headquartered in the United States.  For more information, see www.iho.in

About Aetna International

Aetna International is committed to helping create a stronger, healthier global community by delivering comprehensive health care benefits and population health solutions worldwide. One of the largest providers of international private medical insurance, Aetna International serves more than 700,000 members worldwide, including expatriates, local nationals and business travellers. Its global benefits include medical, dental, vision and emergency assistance and, in some regions, life and disability. Aetna International also offers customised technological and health management solutions for health care systems, government entities and large employers to improve people’s health, enhance quality of care and contain costs. For more information, see www.aetnainternational.com 

About Aetna

Aetna is one of the leading diversified health care benefits companies in the United States, serving an estimated 46.5 million people with information and resources to help them make better-informed decisions about their health care. Aetna offers a broad range of traditional, voluntary and consumer-directed health insurance products and related services, including medical, pharmacy, dental, behavioural health, group life and disability plans, and medical management capabilities, Medicaid health care management services, workers’ compensation administrative services and health information technology products and services. Aetna’s customers include employer groups, individuals, college students, part-time and hourly workers, health plans, health care providers, governmental units, government-sponsored plans, labour groups and expatriates. For more information, see www.aetna.com and learn about how Aetna is helping to build a healthier world.


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