Challenges faced while going live from my smartphone

Well, the biggest achievement of the telecommunication industry is the SmartPhone. I can now keep connected with my friends and share my images and details with them at any time. And to add on to this, all the smartphones recently added the LIVE feature on the device.

The Live feature enables us to broadcast any event or any activity that we are indulging in during our reporting assignments. Brands also get benefitted thru this feature.  Facebook Live allows you to target your personal network, the fans of a business page,  a group, or an event. Conducting live interviews with employees, Presenting training seminars and workshops,  Sharing award ceremonies and keynote speeches, Announcing product launches, Broadcasting public outreach events are some of the examples where going Live can be of immense importance.

But as they say that every innovation has a bouncy journey in the beginning. Similarly the Live mode has a few problems.

Live streaming on any platform has its challenges, so it’s inevitable that you will run into problems with Facebook Live at some point.  Most of these problems are very simple, a few based on the device and a few based on the connectivity. Firstly, I am going to list a few issues with the device below:

Battery Life –

This is one of the major problems. The Live mode requires a lot of battery power and with so many apps already running on a device, at times the battery goes dead during a broadcast.

But now with manufacturers like ASUS coming up with battery capapcities like 4100 mAh, this issue seems to have been solved for the time being. The 4100 mAh battery on my ZenFone 3 Max gave me battery life of about 2 days during my last travelling assignment.

Memory issues

Most of the devices today are Selfie based and we tend to overload the internal storage. This makes the device to respond slowly to our commands and hence a problem in live broadcasting.

Overheating of the device

We unknowingly use certain Apps which use high CPU involvement and long time usage of these apps makes a device warm up a lot. This again creates problem in Live broadcast.

Most of the new models specially those by ASUS have been manufactured by taking into corrective measures to enable the user of trouble free Live broadcasting experience.  

Other problems that are encountered during Live broadcasts.

Connectivity issues

Most of us are connected through Wi-Fi, and at times this is a major cause of problems.

Ad-blocking software and Browser plugins

Firewall settings


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