Homely experiences at Prasadam

When I heard of Prasadam on Vikas Marg, Laxmi Nagar area, I felt that this will be great joint serving south Indian delicacies like Dosas, Idlis, Sambhar Vadas etc. etc. So a research on Zomato was necessary which I quickly indulged into (normal practice when I get an invite to review). And I was surprised to see a few reviews with very low rankings.

So I was curious and got interested in visiting the outlet and experience it for myself. And soon on a hot and sultry afternoon I was there with my colleague to taste what they serve at Prasadam.

We were welcomed by the smiling hosts, Mr Lokesh and Mrs Suman Sethia. The outlet is a small place, simply furnished but a nice and lovely place, serving pure veggie food at very competitive prices. I was also surprised to find Rajasthani hosts in a food outlet with a south Indian name. But my curiosity was short lived and everything got clear as the conversation went on over a glass of Chaachh (Butter Milk) made in true Keralite flavours of curry Patta tadka by a Keralite chef.

Suman was with us all during the time we spent our time at Prasadam. She just moved once to greet a walk in customer. And it was not difficult me to gauge the levels of personal relationship that the customer was having with her. A very big plus point for a restaurant owner…

During our conversations, we learned that they started this outlet mostly catering for breakfast seekers and also some homely delights for working people missing homely food. Suman takes personal interest in the quality of food, and we also found out that Lokesh also loves cooking. They started tiffin services also, but currently have stopped that. Though this started as a north Indian food joint, but soon they found one Keralites Chef and they started serving south Indian delicacies. Later on they have also added Italian and Chinese food too for today’s kids who want only fusion food.

This is a great place for quick breakfasts and lunches with a tag line, “Let’s Eat healthy and celebrate the joy of Eating “, so let’s talk about food part now; I mentioned earlier about the Chaach, and along with it my colleauge ordered a south Indian platter which consisted of Idly, Vada, Masala Dosa, and a serving of Upma served with Rasam, Sambhar and two types of chutneys; coconut and tomato.

I saw Khichadi on the menu which is quite unusual to find in any of the Delhi restaurant menus. So I went in for that along with papad. They normally serve a fried papad with the Khichadi, but I was also served a roasted Bikaneri papad with my khichadi. You see marwaris connections help in getting you you some special treatment. Yes guys, you guessed it right – me a Marwari and so are Suman n Lokesh.


My colleague started with Rasam, I also tried a tablespoonful and was happy to have tasted it. The flavours of typical Kerala delicasy was so evident; tomatoes, asafetida, curry patta and the black peppers, each of the ingredient stood out singly and I started recalling Rasam which I have savoured on my trips to Kerala.

Other members of the platter were now complaining, so I took a bite of each of them and found them to be quite tasty too. Taste like this at a Delhi outlet is hard to find, and my colleague fully agreed with me through his actions of quickly finishing up the platter. Though the sambhar lacked the freshness and consistency which is required in a Sambhar, the chutneys were great.

I now returned my attention to my Khichadi and the papads. The khichadi had a tadka of desi ghee and cumin seeds (zeera). Khichadi as I said is not served in most restaurants, so I was anxious to relish it. The khichadi served here was simply super tasty and this is the dish which is going to get back me to the crowded Vikas Marg again.


Again on request of our hosts, we ordered a stuffed parantha which was served with pickles. I said no to Dahi which also is normally served with paranthas. The parantha was made with a premium quality atta available in the market and very well stuffed. Though a little spice for my palate it was again a very tasty one as the other dishes that we savoured.

Now was dessert time – ‘kuch meetho khalo bhai jee’, was the new request by our hosts.  And how can a Marwari say no to sweets, and that too me? No chance folks, so I ordered three of them; a Rasagulla, a Gulab Jamun and Rava Kesri (Sooji Halwa in south Indian style). All the three desserts were delicious and they vanished quickly from our plates.

Well, it was time for us to leave now, so we bid bye to our lovely hosts and the PR team with a promise to come back again and also send a few of our friends here to relish the super dishes at Prasadam….

Well, as we were walking out, I was thinking how a person can give a low rating to such a great place. Though small it surely is a wonderful place serving homely food and run by a very very hospitable couple, who personally checks into the quality and taste of food that they serve. And above all it’s a vegetarian’s paradise who can serve you food without onion and garlic at a short notice.



Food: 4/5                             Décor: 4/5                           Hospitality: 4.5/5

Address: Vikas Marg, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi

All pics by Pradeep Chamaria for exatraveller.

Disclaimer: The review is based on our personal experience on the day of our visit. No money exchanged hands and the actual experience can differ on your time and day of visit.



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