The revamped Kinbuck 2

Located in the P block on the outer circle at Rajiv Chock (CP), Kinbuck 2 is a lovely place that not only serves north Indian food but also a host of other international and other Indian dishes from South India. Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Lebanese dishes, along with a fully stocked bar will keep you engaged and engrossed when you come for a meal here. They have all, a great ambiance, scintillating outdoor seating, live music, great varieties of hukka and so on and so on…

I was there during the IPL season 10 and along with delicious food and prompt staff I had a wonderful time here eating my delicious veggie food and sipping mocktails while watching my favourites KKR taking on Mumbai Indians in one of the matches of IPL 2017.

Yes friends, the food here is great and very well done and artistically presented. I was here to try out the recently launched new menu and I was told that they have re-done the interiors too. Currently Kinbuck 2 is a place full of fun and youthfulness. Kinbuck 2 is Delhi’s first Roman Bistro and the theatrical setting with brick arches and armchairs with vibrant upholstery makes the atmosphere romantic.

We were here to try out the new menu. And we loved the way the food was served in true eastern European style and the quality of food was really worth every penny spent. We started with mocktails and tried Masala Lemonade (lemon and mint) and a few exotic milk shakes. The mint flavoured lemonade rejuvenated us and helped our souls get some relief from the heated atmosphere outside.

Other mocktails which were on review were Virgin Mojito, Virgin Colada and Fresh Lime – Berry flavour.

Being veggies, we tried a few of the dishes from an extensive menu which included Punjabi Chilly Paneer, Vegetable spring Roll, Mumbai Meri Jaan, Soya Mirchi Kebab, Veg Muffin, Veg Cutlets, Veg Biryani, and Penne Arabiatta.

Chilly Paneer and that too in Punjabi style were really delicious. Soft Paneer was well marinated with Punjabi spices and tasted superb. The spring rolls and veg cutlets also tasted super duper. But the most I liked was Mumbai Meri Jaan. It was the king of all the dishes and the presentation too was great.


Penne Arabitta pasta was also superb, but we were still hungry – and that’s a new thing friends. So we ordered a Veggie pizza too. It was a well done pizza, loaded with cheese, sauce and veggie toppings. It really was a nice evening and we thoroughly enjoyed the food and amazing milk shakes.

But in the end, we had to leave a little unsatisfied as we were told that the dessert section was fully outsourced and they do not want any review done of any items from deserts section. But we were happy while enjoying the super tasty starters and the Pasta.

Will we come back here for a 2nd visit – yes ofcourse, this place is really worth it. So friends, you too just don’t read this, make plans and today is Sunday, so go out and have a lovely evening with your loved ones at Kinbuck 2.


Ratings:   Food: 4/5             Drinks: 4/5          Décor: 4/5           Service: 3.5/5

Address: P Block, Connaught Place, New Delhi.

All pics  by Parej Chamaria for

Disclaimer: The views expressed are based on the day of our visit and also about dishes consumed by us on that evening. No money exchanged hands and these are our personal views. The actual experience on your visit my differ.





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