Biryanis @Go Biryani, Noida

I recently ordered biryani from a delivery outlet in Noida, Go Biryani.  The outlet was going to deliver my orders right to my office in Noida Sector 83.

But some misunderstanding, after my placing the order two days in advance and then confirming a day before, let to confusions on the day of delivery. I don’t know who was at the fault, but it did create a problem with me.

A rightly timed intervention by the management of Go Biryani solved the problem, and we went on to enjoy the amazing food that they sent to my address.

Folks, don’t go by the ratings given by me, they include negative marks because of the problem. The quality of the delivery, the taste and flavours of the biryani and the desserts was amazing.

Infact I have never eaten such a delicious Kheer made out of a veggie like Lauki. I don’t like Lauki that much, but the kheer really was amazing, I loved it so much that this dessert was not even shared with anyone else in the office.


Well, we had ordered Queen sized Paneer Dum Biryani, Vegetable Dum Biryani, Paneer 65 and for desserts we had Shahi tukde and Thandi Subz kheer. We also ordered a bottle of Coke to go with our food.

The biryanis were cooked with Long grain premium quality rice with ample amount of paneer and vegetables. The biryani was absolutely amazing. Aromatic, the Dum was perfect, and the quantity was enough for a guy to finish off.  The biryanis were served with a curried mirchi ka salan and a mildly spiced raita.

The queen portion was enough for 2 of us. They also have a King Combo which has a larger quantity of biryani, along with other orders.

The desserts were lip-smacking-lllly delicious and I have already complemented the Subj kheer above.

Go Biryani is a delivery only food outlet and normally it delivers in almost all of NOIDA. But you please call and check before placing your order as some areas may not be in the list of delivery areas.

After the initial confusion, my food was delivered in a very short time and was served hot. The packing was perfect and we loved the food.



Food: 4/5            Service: 4/5

For 2: Approx 500 for two.

All pics by Pradeep Chamaria for

Disclaimer: The review is based on our actual experience on the day of delivery. There can be differences in your actual experience.



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