Craving for your own regions Local Delicacies?

I have been an avid traveler almost all my life. Being a travel photographer has its own benefits and disadvantages too. You visit an unknown place and you have to eat the local cuisine or food – whether you like it or not. But then at times some of these foods become your favourites and you feel like eating them again and again. But finding them at all the places is a problem.

You have to go back to the place where the food belongs too, but that is not possible all the times. Also you only get the taste and flavour in the food at the place where it belongs too. So what do you do now?

When I like a particular localized food item, like the Rosogollas of Kolkata, I at times try to buy a few and carry them with me back to Delhi. But that’s not feasible because of the nature of the item. Also carrying them in my luggage might be just another additional load. So again the question is what to do now?

The answer lies in PlaceofOrigin (, which is one of the premier and the best online address where one can find all his favourite local foods from across India. India is a very widely spread out country with a diverse culture and people of various cast and creeds. Every state, in fact every place be it a small village or town has an own recipe when it comes to food. And these food items surely are envy for other regions and its very hard to find the same taste and flavours at places other than the origin.

sandeshnewWe are lucky that people in India are very accommodative and organizations like Place of Origin always try and bring you closer to a food which you love. The company is trying to bring to you the best of legendary food from the kitchens of the legends.

The food and eating habits changes every 10 kilometers In India as you travel. We see so many experiments everywhere to replicate the cuisine but all in vain. The environment, soil, climate and history contribute to unique recipes made with locally sourced produce. Accordingly, every town in India is famous for select foods or food producers.

But friends – don’t worry – with, you no longer have to miss your favourite food items from your hometown or from a place you have visited. The website is doing a wonderful work to bring online all those special foods that one craves for the most and that are difficult to find locally. You think and name the product and they have it on their list. They have on offer the finest sweets, snacks, dry fruits, namkeen, pickle, jams, tea, coffee and staples from all over India.

For confectionary lovers, PlaceofOrigin has a great selection of brownies, and cakes from across India including Mumbai, Kochi, Delhi etc. For example, I am a great lover of brownies from Theobroma, Mumbai. And for me living in Delhi PlaceofOrigin is the only place where I can found them. Yes friends, the brownies of Theobroma ( are exclusively available on PlaceofOrigin only.

So simply log on and order your unique regional delicacies and enjoy them. They offer over 100 brands which offer a wide range of products. The food items are sourced and delivered from 20 states of India and are rightly priced. Every order is taken on priority and treated personally by everyone at From Gujarat snacks to Darjeeling`s Green tea, Coorg coffee to Pachranga pickles, Mumbai Dry Fruits to Ooty chocolate, Kashmiri Saffron to Ratnagiri mango, everything is delivered to the customer direct from the original producer to his/her doorstep. is India`s largest regional food marketplace hosting 350+ unique local food brands with 4000+ speciality foods. Also PlaceofOrigin is well known for its great collection of healthy snacks made with local ingredients. Health foods like Tal Makhanas, Dates, Fitness Atta, Dry fruit rotis like Kaju roti, Badam roti, Roasted musli and a lot many organic products are available for the health conscious customer.


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