Going Live Beautifully #GoLiveBeautifully

Hey friends, I am back again with some more GYAN on Going Live with your smartphones. A few days back I talked about the challenges faced while going LIVE with your smartphones.

You see, Going Live is the latest buzz of the town. The age does not matter, everyone, young or old wants to go LIVE and show his/her best side to the rest of the world. Almost all social platforms now support LIVE streaming, but then with a LIVE video you cannot edit it like a selfie and make yourself look beautiful, make your skin tone lighter, etc. etc.

They say God is everywhere, but it seems that in this world of material life, ASUS is everywhere. Even before I talked about the challenges or problems of going LIVE, ASUS was already working on the problems. And have come up with the solution. It’s the ASUS ZenFone Live which has enhanced features to make a person look more beautiful, heard more clearly while going LIVE.

ZenFone Live has the World’s First Beauty Streaming Video, which enables you to pre-beautify your looks. The idea is simple. It just like putting on makeup for a party to look your best. The ZenFone Live automatically beautifies your face for live stream selfie videos. It’s features can even help you smoothen (virtually) remove facial blemishes in real time and projects your super-duper celebrity like selfie videos on social media platforms.

This is the first time that any smarphone device can do this. The soft LED light that comes with the device make you look the brightest and the best.

Also, the unique audio features i.e. Dual MEMS Microphones incorporated with the device enable you to eliminate background noise and enhance voice pick up even while shooting in a busy street, a noisy bar, or the hustle and bustle of a shopping mall making your LIVE video replay with super surround quality audio.

So guys, why waste time in reading my post about #GoLiveBeautifully about ASUS ZenFone Live – Go Out and get your own real time LIVE Beauty enhancer device ASUS ZenFone Live. It is available with all the major E-tailers and Retailers in India.



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