Drama at Meal-O-Drama

Rajouri Garden area in Delhi is now becoming the hub of all the big DRAMAs. Whether it’s a drama associated with the public antics, or it’s a political drama, or the wedding dramas, or the drama with Meals, its all happening here. And Meal-o-Drama Modern Bistro is the latest entrant in this Dramatic world.

And when we talk about Drama, how can Meal-o-Drama be behind. Dramatic decorations starting with a floral bicycle, wall sculptures of human forms sequentially arranged in a formation, lively interiors, comfortable leather couches, artificial flower arrangement on the ceiling in the family section adding a pleasant touch with wooden and printed tile mismatch flooring enhancing the design elements, all add to a theatrical ambiance.

The whole place is divided into two separate areas, the outer area and the inside setting area. They have a 80 seat capacity. Bar is right opposite the entrance and Meal-o-Drama has all the requisites for a chill out time for the patrons.

We were warmly welcomed by Mr Rahul Sawhney, the owner and our host Ms Veta Ratra at the entrance and after the initial greeting exchanges, Rahul took us around explaining everything about the bistro and the décor. Meal-o-Drama Modern Bistro has a budget-friendly menu and serves mostly Indian and Chinese cuisine. As we went around, I liked the view of the glass panels of the kitchen through which one can see the cooking.

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Okay okay guys, I know you want to know more about the food n drinks with dramatic twists here. So lets start the first part of this latest Foodie Drama.

We started with two amazing milk shakes. One was KitKat shake and the other one was my favourite, Dark Chocolate shake. Both the shakes were nice, thick and superbly tasty and topped with whipped cream and sprinkles.

We also had two more mocktails later on during the course of our dramatic meals – but I will tell you about that after the intermission. So wait, chill and enjoy your popcorns.

So we moved on to the first starter and feasted on the Crispy Mushroom, a batter coated deep fried and then sautéed mushroom. It was quite spicy and crispy outside but soft and juicy inside and was a great starter.

Melo Dahi kebabs followed and I was delighted to see the artistic layout of the kebabs with the semolina outer crust adding on a lot of appeal to the dish. It was also perfectly prepared, not too sour and I loved relishing them.

We then went on to savour Chili Paneer, again well prepared and very balanced in flavors and texture. Another starter, Veg Mushroom followed and once again it was a a great dish. Cheese filled Mushrooms with veggie toppings took it to another level.

Crispy Water Chestnut with Thai Basil was the next dish. Only at a theater one can give such a super presentation to the ordinary boiled Singhadas. They were marinated first with tangy sauces and were super delicious and my favorite of entire starter spread.

For the main course we tried Dal Makhani and Shahi Paneer with butter Naan. We also had the California Club Pizza which was fully loaded with cheese and veggies. At the end they served us Lasagna, and this was the first time I really regretted having eaten the main course without waiting for the entire spread to be served. The Lasagna was the star of the main course and I really loved it and finished the entire serving even when my tummy was violently complaining.

Yes, yes, I know you are waiting for the climax to unfurl about the two other drinks that we had. So here it is, it was Fruit Power and the Pink Panther. Pink Panther was a great watermelon based cooler, but the Fruit Power was a so so drink with no punch.

We also tried the Mocktail Syrup Shots which were served in a very interesting setting in test tubes.

Time for Desserts, but I was disappointed. It was brownie and Vanilla Ice-cream which is the simplest of the dessert served in every restaurant these days. So there is not much I would like to add about it.


Well, it was all for this edition of the show, the story unfolded and we really enjoyed the great Drama at Meal-o- drama Modern Bistro and certainly will like to come back to enjoy another dramatic episode.


Our ratings:

Hospitality: 5/5      Food: 4.5/5    Drinks: 4/5     Décor: 4/5

Address:  A-6, 2nd Floor, Vishal Enclave, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi.

Cost for two: Approx 1200/-

All pics by Pradeep Chamaria  for exatraveller.com

Disclaimer: The views are based entirely on our personal experiences that we had on the day and time of our visit.

Video Link:

Drama at Meal-o-Drama







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