#SushiSummers @MOB

Wow, it was my third visit in a very short span of time to MOB in CP. I have already talked in length about MOB in my earlier features. Please have a look at the link at the end of the feature.

Mob is one of the best locations in CP with great food and drinks to chill out with your near and dear ones.

My current visit was for an ongoing Sushi Summer festival, where you get to enjoy unlimited assorted Sushi and Dimsums  along with 3 pints of beer and one specially prepared  dessert for just INR 1099 per person.  And they are offering this festival for the entire month of June in which you can savour different types of Sushi (both veggie and non-veggie) and also many a variety of Dimsums.

The veggie variety of Sushi includes Veg California, and a mixed vegetable Sushi, where as for Dimsums it is Mushrooms, and a mix veggie variety.

In the non-veggie section, there are more choices; for Sushi, its Prawn tempura and Salmon and a few more varieties, and for Dimsums, they have Chicken, Prawn and mixed seafood.

In the drinks section, we tried the new Kala Khatta Mocktail, which was super tasty and also the Mango Tango.

We tried the veggie varieties, and were a little underfed, so we ordered Veggie Biryani (served with raita), Dal Makhani and Indian breads. The Dal makhani was super delicious and I relished it with the Naans and Tandoori Rotis.  I cant say the same for the Biryani though, and the entire serving on my table was wasted.

IMG_6941I was here mainly for the desserts, so we hurriedly asked the waiters to serve us our desserts.  We were served a super delicious Carrot and Walnut cake and a Biira-misu(Tiramisu). The Tiramisu was served almost in a warm state and it also tasted a little sour. If it was served in a chilled state, it might have tasted good. But it was not to be, but full marks go to the chef for the super duper Carrot Cake.

Link of my earlier review:   https://exatraveller.com/2017/05/07/steampunk-themed-bar-in-delhi-ministry-of-beer/


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