“10digi” – get your telecom products at home

Almost everyone today has a phone with him and also a SIM card that enables him to operate his phone. A SIM gives you the connectivity through the telecom operator like AIrtel, Jio etc.

With time, we are now moving into an era where either one has two mobiles with him, or atleast a phone with dual SIM slots. So the search is on for new SIMs every time. Till now we all used to go out and search for the best service provider and the SIM. At times I used to think that why there is no eCommerce available for SIMs. Also it was a tedious job to go out with all the documents and a pic and submit them along with a form to a vendor. And then wait for 24-48 hours to get your SIM activated.

With the emerging of a telecom aggregator platform like 10digi, these problems too are solved. !0digi is India’s biggest telecom aggregator platform which provides doorstep delivery of telecom products free of cost.

They have an excellent network of delivery, where in a SIM is delivered at a prescribed time and the activation is also taken care of by them at a lightning speed.

At a recently held Press meet, they demonstrated the entire process and I got a new SIM activated within 15 minutes and also got my old SIM changed and activated in even lesser time. Super delighted I was, and I bet you also will be delighted.

10digi has almost all service provider SIMs with them by roping in Airtel and Matrix too to provide last mile solutions for the operator to cater to markets across segments.

Airtel being the largest player in the market has over 23% of the market share followed by Vodafone which has nearly 18% of market share and Idea, which has about 17 percent of the market share (as of 31 March 2017). Considering the current portfolio of operators with 10digi, this alliance will enable the organization to tap nearly 85% of total telecom users in India by the end of this month.

Matrix, a leading provider of international telecom solutions to Indians travelling abroad, will be a great addition to the bouquet of 10digi services. Services offered by matrix include International SIM, Internet Packs for Smart phones, Laptops, iPad/Tablets, International Travel Insurance and Forex Cards.

Mr. Ozair Yasin, Co-founder & MD, 10digi said, “We are delighted to have India’s biggest telecom operator Airtel on board. These new additions will further consolidate the position of 10digi as the country’s biggest telecom aggregator and will make it one-stop shop for telecom needs.

He added, “We are inclined to bring other major players on board and hopefully our growing portfolio will help them to take notice of our offerings and strengths in the market. Also, Matrix being the leader in catering to international travel related telecom needs will help us in tapping the customer going abroad as well.”

10digi has launched its services in Delhi/NCR region where they are closing nearly 150 opportunities on a daily basis. E-KYC is also helping consumers to get activated SIM cards within minutes for pre-paid services. They further plan to expand PAN India to introduce their top-notch services to the masses in other cities and towns.

“The technology that helps to discover Mobile representatives in their specific geography also plays important part in selecting the time of delivery of the telecom products free of cost at their door steps. In the long run, we aim to create a level playing field for telecom operators in their respective circles.” added Mr. Sherjil Ozair, Co-founder & CTO, 10digi.

About 10digi

The single descriptive aggregator platform will aim to accelerate delivery and activation of SIMs. This will enable customers to get their SIMs activated within 1-4 hours as compared to the recent process 8-48 hours. Based on this insight, the e-commerce platform has come up with the concept of ‘Mobile Retailers’ or MR’s. Once you request for a connection, the nearest MR will be at your doorstep at the desired time to collect the required documents and deliver SIMs and other products. 10digi ensures instant SIM activation for e-KYC subscribers. For paper-KYC subscribers, SIM is activated within 4 hours for prepaid connections, and within 8 hours for postpaid ones. 10digi will also facilitate services like photocopies of identity/address proof and photograph, required for the connections, at your residence for a nominal charge.10digi deals in delivery of telecom products like sim cards, dongles, data cards.


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