Chilli in your Juice

People call me a non-social animal, as I normally don’t socialize in a party or at events. Its because the fact that I don’t want to disturb the moods of others who are chilling out at the bar or are in a group consuming beers and cocktails. Yes, yes, you are right, I am a teetotaler.

All I consume at food outlets for drinks is milk shakes, juice based mocktails or iced teas. These drinks normally are just some kind of syrups and loaded with ice cubes and sugar n are high in calories (Well calories are not an issue for me…). At times and at a few places, you do get a drink which has a chilly essence added to it. It somehow kills the taste of syrups and tonics.

But that was only at a few places. The first time I had it – it was like – very spicy. Might be the bartender had overdone the dose of green chillies. But then at another place with a right amount of chilly dose a drink tasted perfect.

And since then I was on a lookout for some bottled drinks with chilly. And then suddenly one day I got this mail with an invite to taste Bottled fruit juices with chilly. Wow was what I felt and immediately requested for samples.


This was Caliente, a new kind of drink, in which alcohol has been replaced with chili heat. After having a successful stint in Norway & Denmark, the Drink with Chilli has now come to India. Caliente is launched by Uma Ekologisk and Trade LLP in India.

Two flavours were sent to me for tasting. The flavours were Ginger Lime Chili and Cranberry Pomegranate Chili. I was told to first chill the juice before consuming for the best tastes and effects. Well I was in a hurry to get high, so I quickly put the bottles in the freezer compartment and as soon as the bottles felt cold, I opened them.

As soon as I took the first sip out of the Ginger Lime Chili flavour, Ginger was the first taste I felt added with the tanginess of Lime. The gingery taste was then replaced by the hotness of chili. Well, the taste did not go well with my palate; I felt a bit of bitterness in my mouth. Similar was the reaction of my colleagues too who were also tasting the juice with me.

We then tried the Cranberry Pomegranate Chili flavour. This flavour too, also tasted of the fruits first followed by a bombing effect of the chili. This flavour though was better than the earlier flavour, with sweetness of pomegranate being the major flavour. I was happy that the company has kept the flavours of cranberry to a low.

Guys, by now you must have learnt that Caliente is the new kind of drink, in which alcohol has been replaced with chili heat. The ingredient which makes chilies hot – capsaicin – also triggers the release of endorphins, creating a natural high.

Caliente makes our taste buds all tingling and excited. It is the drink that replaces the good feelings from alcohol, but without bringing on that annoying headache we tend to get. Also, Chili is a taste enhancer, which means that we can keep the sugar content in our drinks really low, meaning lower calorie in our drinks.

The flavors are mix of fruits and herbs. Not too sweet. Fresh fruit flavor hits the taste buds first and the delicate herb flavor is the aftertaste, which perfectly pairs with the food made with similar herb.

Crafted in Sweden from organic ingredients, it’s the ultimate choice for people who are after a complex non-alcoholic drink that’s low on sugar. Caliente’s full range now consist of:

Plum Rosemary Chili

Blueberry Lemongrass Chili

Ginger Lime Chili

Cranberry Pomegranate Chili

All are bottled in Småland, Sweden, of 100% natural and certified organic ingredients.


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