Eagle’s eyes on flying aircrafts

Very soon Delhi airport is going to have a new Air Traffic Control Tower (ATC) and this is going to be the tallest of all. How soon? Its going to be fully operational by December 2017 and its going to be 101.9 meter tall with a slenderness ratio of nearly 1:14. This new tower has been built at a construction cost of Rs 350 crores and it provides a commanding view of the entire airport. It will give the air traffic controllers more command with a 360 degree view of all the runways, aprons and taxiways. The new tower design is based on India`s national flower, the lotus, and this is going to be the tallest ATC in India and seventh highest in the world and will replace the present ATC tower, which is 60 meter high.


“ ATC operation is something that cannot be put on hold. And hence the new ATC will be put to trial runs soon and there will tests for 2-3 months, after that parallel operations will start by December and gradually we will shift to the new tower.“ said Guruprasad Mohapatra, AAI chairman.

The new ATC is also important because of the growth of air traffic which is almost 20% rise. The new ATC tower and the fourth runway which is also going to be operational soon are expected to help to reduce congestion in the air and handle more flights.

Yes friends, the Delhi airport will also become the first in the country to have a fourth runway soon, for which the construction is likely to start this year and the officials expect the fourth runway to be commissioned by 2019. This fourth runway will  take the per hour capacity of the Delhi airport from 75 flights to 105.

Coming to the tower, it will give the controller a commanding view of the entire airport, much larger working space, more operating controllers to maximize efficiency and reduce pressure. The new ATC tower will have 21 controllers position with an all-round visual control room and 12 ground controllers at the operation level.


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