Exotic Achar – Mini Pickles by Gulabs

We all know Gulabs, one of the leading makers of tasty and delectable hand-crafted Indian snacks. Products made by Gulabs have been in existence for over 20 years. We all love their handcrafted quality food products like khakhras, masalas, pickles and sharbats made from age old recipes (100 years old) passed on from generations.

The makers at Gulabs use the best and highest quality of curated raw materials thereby giving a superior taste to the products. By following stringent quality norms, the products are FSSAI certified and even suitable for Jain consumption. For more information, visit website:  http://gulabs.in/


Gulabs recently has launched Mini Pickles. These mini packets are available in three flavours – Lemon, Sweet Mango and Mango, and are available in 20 grams individual packs. These pickles are unique in the sense that they are made without any use of artificial flavours or colours, they are handmade using age old recipes, solar dried and packed ensuring that the flavours are retained in the natural manner. We Indians, use a lot of pickles in almost every meal of ours and these mini packs will be ideal taste enhancers for chapatis, parathas, rice, breads, theplas, khakhras or eaten just like that.

Infact I finished the entire pack of one of the flavours, the sweet mango. It tasted awesome and the saffron and cardamom flavours were truly natural.

Ms. Ruchika Gupta, VP, Sales and Marketing of Gulabs also said, “With enticing and spicy flavours, Gulabs pickles are a favourite pick of our customers”. We have always been striving to understand the requirements of our patrons and these new small version of pickles is from the realisation that it would be helpful for many if there is an option to relish them in containers which are easy to carry around.

These mini packs are definitely going to be quite handy for travelers like me. The company packs mean no spillage and hence no worries about soiling of your belongings in your bags.

These Mini Pickles packets from Gulabs are available at all leading food retail outlets and online portals. The come into a packing of 5 mini packs into one big pack and are very economically priced at Rs 10/- each for the lemon pickle and mango pickle, whereas the sweet mango pickle is priced at Rs 15/-.

A little about each of the pickles now:

IMG_7128Sweet Mango Pickle:

Sweet mangoes have been grated and flavoured with saffron and whole cardamom seeds and sweetened. This tastes like a very well made murabba with raw mangoes by your own grandma at home. This pickle is handmade and solar dried, just the way ladies in most of the Indian homes do during the season of mangoes.





Mango Pickle:

This one is the spicy and tangy one among the lot. Succulent pieces of mangoes along with oil, salt, mustard seeds (Rai Ki Dal), kalaunji (Nigella Seeds), hing (Asafoetida), saunf (Fennel Seeds), red chilli powder, cloves, and  black pepper, makes your taste buds extremely happy. At least they made me very very happy.

This is also completely handmade and solar dried.






Lemon Pickle:

Lime is quite tangy by itself, and this exotic handmade and oil free preparation is a must for all the tangy food lovers. This again contains lots of other spices like, kalaunji, salt, red chilli powder, and hing.




All these three flavours of pickles are preserved for longer shelf life by using Class II (E224) preservatives.




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