Mughlai cusine at its best @ Jodha Akbar

My life as a food blogger has made me really very specific when it comes to ordering food from a restaurant for delivery. Because of this I have been postponing Mughlai food for quite some time now.

Also the fact that there are very few choices for a Ghas Phoos eater in Mughlai cuisine delayed my encounter with a Mughlai food delivery option. But when I was forced by colleagues to go for a Mughlai food lunch at my office, I had to order it online from Jodha Akbar outlet in Noida sector 18. And friends I was surprised by the quality as well as the quantity of food that was delivered at my office.

The food was great and the fragrance filled up my entire office space the moment we opened the packet.

I only wish they do some better packing of the food to ensure that the food is delivered in a presentable manner. Other than the packing, I did not find any major issue with the food. The food was oily, but you do expect a lot of it because of the extensive use of milk, cream, oil and butter in various gravies that goes in Mughlai cuisine to make it more appetising, flavoursome, aromatic and finger licking exotic tasty. One should be ready to relish rich and heavy dishes prepared with different spices, saffron, dry fruits, ghee and other diary produces that goes in the making of the traditional Mughlai cuisines.

There is much more to Mughlai cuisine than just a mash-up of masala and oil. Mughal food is a riot of colours, fragrances, experiments, and this was proved when we opened the food packets from Jodha Akbar.

I had ordered Vegetable Dum Biryani, Dahi Ke Kabab, Paneer e Shahshlik, Paneer Afghani, Mushroom Mughlai, Lacha Paratha, and Aloo Paratha.

Lots of food – right guys… Yes – lots, but then I really wanted to enjoy my lunch and then forget about the rest of the meals later on in the day. And the portion size of each dish was huge enough to feed three people with an appetite similar to mine.

So guys, here I was with my colleagues and we were with a super looking, aromatic and rich food. We loved the food in its entirety, but of special mention here is the Mushroom Muglai, Dahi ke Kebab and the breads. The chutneys served with the kebabs were also awesome.

I will again mention the Mushroom Mughlai here, it was so super duper. It was one of the best mushroom preparations I have ever eaten. Friends, do order this dish when you go to Jodha Akhbar or if you are ordering from them.



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