Electrifying, Explosive LITHIYUM

I always spelled Lithium as L-i-t-h-i-u-m, which has an atomic number 3. Like all other alkali metals, lithium is highly reactive and flammable.  Little did I realize that if we add a “Y” to the spelling – IT becomes “Lithiyum”, and a Highly Explosive material.

And that’s exactly happened when we attended the grand launch of the first international and premium club, lounge & fine dine property Lithiyum at The Ashoka in New Delhi recently. It was one of the most volatile launch events of the town.

And add to the icing on the cake, it was a magnificent welcome and the welcome display that was given to us and other media friends by the owners and the PR Team headed by Neha Bahl of Qube Communications.

Sight, Sound, Taste – three of the basic five senses have been efficiently taken care of by the designers at Lithiyum. Amazing lightings from UK, and superb sound systems from Outline, an Italy based company and Lightening Software from UK based company “Madrix” gave the lounge an electrifying & luxurious aura.

True to its name and spelling Lithiyum is a hot lounge to be in. It was the occasion of mega launch of a very different kind of pub and lounge. Its an exotic Lounge spread out in three sections. The Club Room, Drawing Room (Fine Dine) & Arena (lounge area) spread over an area of more than 13,800 sqft form the entire setting.

Lithiyum is a never before luxurious amalgamation of a superior fine dine, gastropub nightclub and a cocktaileria. The lounge area and fine dining areas (Drawing Room) are an extension of this splendid relaxation. At the Drawing room, one can have some exotic fine dining experience by indulging in food curated by Internationally Renowned Celebrity Chef Akshay Nayyar.

We did enjoy some drooling Delicacies, innovative Drinks & Foot Tapping Music while we were at the Lithiyum. We loved the exotic presentations of the munchies that we were served.

This was a launch event and I am not going to reveal further details as far as the food and drinks dishes go. The exatraveller team will soon be visiting the lounge again and then we can recommend and suggest the delectable dishes and drinks for you.

Lithiyum is a brainchild of Mr. Saurabh Katyal (Director) who was previously with renowned property Jynxx and who also owns Imagine Ice as well. “At Lithiyum, we promise to take the F&B industry a step forward with all the world class music system, lights, ambience, and fusion food” said Mr. Saurabh Katyal.

“We are happy to make this launch a success. Lithiyum synchronizes with energy and surely the Place ends up your search for a perfect celebration“ says Mr. Ashutosh Sharma, Director, Marketing, Lithiyum.

Well, guys, chill till you get a chance to visit, and enjoy the Delhi monsoons.

And feel hyped up watching the hot video and the images that I have made for you of the Launch event.  I am sure these images and video will make you want visit the lounge at your earliest.

Video Link:

Explosive Electrifying Lithiyum



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