Refreshing cups of Cool Green Tea @te.cha

Team exatraveller recently received a beautiful metal container containing a 100gm pack of COOL MINT GREEN TEA from te.cha.

I normally am a big fan of mint flavoured green tea. I love mint flavours in anything and when it comes to green tea, I find the flavor of the mint and the green tea together amazing. Mint adds a degree and feel of coolness in the caffeine kick that green tea provides.

I loved the design of the te.cha ( in a typical classic style with pictures of green leaves on it. Also the style of using the word TEA with all the details was quite artistic.

As I opened the box, I was immediately hit by the refreshing aroma of mint. The tea leaves were carefully packed in an airtight bag. I quickly opened the bag, and inhaled the mild aroma of the mint and felt refreshed. Couldn’t wait longer and I placed a few dark green, wiry, well rolled, tippy, whole leaf tea leaves into a mug of hot water and allowed the tea to infuse with the water as instructed (two sweeps). It turned out to be nice light green/brown with a subtle aroma of mint being emitted.

I felt quite refreshed as I sipped the tea and loved the subtle peppermint flavour. The very first cup of this cool mint tea gave me a soothing sensation in my throat and all the way to my stomach. The flavours of both the mint and the green tea are very pronounced in this brew. The tea has a perfect ratio of each of the constituents and with every cup; you get a very refreshing cup of tea.

I also tried a few cups of cold mint green tea. And once again – the mix made exquisite cups of green tea, and was even more refreshing. The mint flavor is very nice and the green tea is of very high quality.

Why Mint:

Mint adds flavor and additional medicinal properties to anything which it is blended, and the same goes with green tea. Mint boosts overall health in a number of ways, due to its ability to improve digestion and eliminate inflammations. It also helps in lowering cholesterol levels, helping to lose and maintain weight and relax the body and mind and boosts the immune system

In this product of te.cha, the boutique, the leaves and stems of mint plant varieties are used for its pungent minty taste and aroma. It has a strong minty aroma, and is a refreshing roundup sip with a smooth note.

I have already finished the entire lot of 100gms even before writing my review, and am soon going to reorder another pack soon.


You can find more information on the different kinds tea blends and also on Cool Mint tea on:



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