Tasty solution for Afternoon Hunger

I recently ordered food from Uncle Sam’s café, Noida to be delivered in my office in sect 83, Noida.  The food was delivered by the curator and co-owner of Team Uncle Sam’s / Team Hungry Ullu & Hungry Chow, Mr Vaibhav Bhatt himself.

Well, Noida today is home to many a students living away from parents and homely atmosphere. Also a lot of people come to Noida to work. To keep them tummy full, a large number of cafes and restaurants have mushroomed here. But what lacked was a good joint for quality fast food during after lunch hours and also during odd hours.

And then I found Uncle Sam’s café/Hungry Ullu & Hungry Chow where I can get yummy food namely freshly cooked sandwiches, burgers, pizzas and Chowmein, etc. in their authentic flavours at pocket friendly prices, and great milk shakes.

Uncle Sam’s / Team Hungry Ullu & Hungry Chow is run by brothers Vaibhav Bhatt and Sameer Bhatt, who must have faced the same problem as far as food goes in their early career days.

Coming to all these three joints individually, Uncle Sam’s Cafe is the only one which serves and delivers food for office goers during the day. Uncle Sam’s cafe is a day delivery & take away joint in Noida that serves amazingly delicious Italian, Fast Food and Continental Cuisine. Burgers, Sandwiches, Pasta’s, Shakes. You can get almost everything as far as fast food classifications goes at affordable prices. Its open between 12pm – 11pm and Monday is a weekly off day.

The Bhatt brothers opened Hungry Ullu & Hungry Chow recently which are night delivery kitchens based in Noida. Operating between  8pm – 4am, Hungry Ullu serves Italian, Fast Food and Continental Cuisine, whereas Hungry Chow, the Chinese brother of Hungry Ullu serves amazing Chinese food all night long.

Well, I had ordered Fried Veg Momos, a Thin crust Farm Fresh Pizza, Spinach and corn Sandwich, Paneer wrap, and a Paneer Burgasm. I also ordered a bottle of Coke to go with our food. Vaibhav suggested me to order some shakes to go with the food to which I agreed. But somehow during delivery, we both missed the shakes and I settled for the bottle of Coke only.

The food was delivered by Vaibhav himself, and it was packed nicely and delivered hot. I shared the food with 2 colleagues of mine, and it was sufficient to dowse out our afternoon hunger.

I liked the Farm Fresh Pizza the most. The second best were the fried veg Momos closely followed by the Paneer wrap which had an awesome paneer filling.

The pizza, baked in a wood fired oven was topped with lots of veggies on a crispy base. I have had gotten pizzas delivered by other brand names in the area, but this pizza was much better than the branded ones.

I also had the Paneer Burger with a grilled crispy Patty and veggies. The bun was soft and the burger tasted good.

But I didn’t like the Spinach n Corn Sandwich much, it was just okayish. The sandwich was kind of too oily and the spinach too spicy.

But overall, we had a real great afternoon snack and I think Vaibhav is gonna have a hard time refilling my orders in near future and deliver them to an out of their delivery area zone again to my office.

So guys go ahead and ‘Order’ your afternoon meal today…. You won’t regret doing that – in fact you surely are going to thank me for the yummiest snack time in your office.

And you can leave your thank-you messages in the comment box.



Food: 4/5            Service: 4/5

All pics by Pradeep Chamaria for exatraveller.com

Disclaimer: The review is based on our actual experience on the day of delivery. There can be differences in your actual experience.



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