Hyper Local, SDA – Its here to stay…

So we were at Hyper Local recently, a lounge and bar and one of the newest entrants in the already crowded SDA market Hauzkhas, New Delhi. Spread over three floors (top floor, spacious terrace section is still to open) Hyper local is one of the much required local lounge in the area and I am sure Hyper Local is here to stay. This is a place where one can chill out with friends for a drink with some exotic munchies brought to you by Chef Jatin (Of Trend, Ansal Plaza fame). The lounge is being brought by Viabhav and Abhishek, who have managed to keep the prices in the exhaustive menu quite affordable.

Hyper Local has a very simple but elegant décor with basic furnishings and the ambiance makes you feel at ease. Elegantly styled lounge with comfortable plush couches, bar tables, and a bar creates a hypnotic environment and you get into a party mood as soon as you enter.

Chef Jatin has taken proper care to keep the food different from the normally available fusion food available now a days at most of the eateries. The menu is quite exhaustive with food ideas collected by the chef himself from his numerous road trips across India. Italian and Chinese food is also served but again its tried to be as authentic as possible. The stress is given to street food and casual dining dishes. The dishes are served in lovely and again in simple presentations.

I started with a Water Melon based mock-tail which was quite refreshing, as my colleague savoured a great looking and amazingly tasting Dark Choco Milkshake. I also tried another shake, a Snickers shake, which was okayish in taste.

We then were served few exotic foods from the western parts of our country, and we started with the spicy, sweet and tangy Juhu Ragda Pattice which is a very famous Mumbai street food. We followed it up with another great street food from Mumbai, the exotic Bombay Masala Sandwich which was quite delicious, grilled perfectly and quite spicy.

Next was the English Baked Potato Skin, two half portions of potato skins with Cheese filling. It was served with salad and once again a greatly done dish. Moving on to the main course dishes we tried the Italian dish Bastila. Served on a tomato salsa bed with garlic bread, it was a great looking dish. But for my palette it turned out to be a bit too salty. Chef Jatin who was sharing our table sensed this and quickly tasted the dish himself. He then instructed his assistant chef for a correction and the second serving of the dish was perfectly balanced in taste and flavours. A must try dish for every visitor.

As we talked more and more about road journeys through Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Maharashtra with Chef Jatin, the Cottage Cheese Bao (recommended by the owners) arrived on our tables. It again was a super dish, but I found the fillings on a lesser side and recommended the chef to increase the quantity of the Cottage cheese fillings.


I was full by this time and for the first time in my memories I was not keen on having a dessert. But my colleague ordered a Dark Chocolate Truffle. It looked so great and inviting that I couldn’t stop myself from taking a bite. And guess what friends; I couldn’t stop myself from taking a few more bites. It really was excellent in taste and texture and the dark chocolate flavour was so tempting.

I think it will be right to mention here that the portion sizes of all the dishes served were quite small. Though I had a feeling that these are just sampling sizes, but I was told otherwise, and I felt they were too small to serve on a regular basis even with competitive prices.


Food: 4/5             Drinks 4.5/5        Décor 4/5            Hospitality 4.5/5

Address: C 5,Main Market, SDA New Delhi

All pics by Pradeep Chamaria, exatraveller

Disclaimer: We were at Hyper Local on an invite to review. All the views expressed are based on the particular day and time of our visit. Actual experience might differ.


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