A Debutant Masterpiece – White Noise


For a long time, I was looking for a book that is a short romantic thriller,  which is just a pure fiction, with a twist different than most of the romance available today. I wanted some read which is going to be an emotional drama which can keep me involved with the plot. I was trying to read something through which I can relate the pros and cons of romance. The two sides of love – White and Black, if treated well can certainly turn out to be a thriller and when the dark side entangles psychic notions, it can glue you to your arm chair and you have to finish the book in one sitting.

And here it was, I got this great book, “White Noise” by a debutant writer Shruti Upadhaya. I just loved the cover , it surely pointed to a great I started reading the book during a long ride in Delhi Metro, and the very first chapter made me realize that its gonna difficult for me to do two things at a time – balancing myself in the office hour metro rush and be engrossed in a very absorbing and exceptional piece of literary work. This book sure was going to be a dark psychological thriller with a mature love life in the background.

The first 3 chapters left me mesmerised, the ease with which the author has narrated the plot was hypnotising. I immediately wanted to know what happened next, but had to close the book because of the constant pulls and push inside the metro, and leave it till night time when I can be alone and read the book alertly.

Later as I continued with the book, I found it to be a book with a seasoned and mature approach which I was not expecting from a debutant writer. The way Shruti Upadhaya has treated her prose is really commendable. The powerful narration is definitely going to leave the reader involved with the plot as it moves.

It was like reading someone’s personal diary, where the reader gets involved with every moment of the character’s life. I felt as if I was the character in the book and everything was going around me in my room. It was difficult for me is to disengage.  I started feeling like one of the character and it was really difficult to detach. As I approached the climax I got emotional and was complaining, why the book is ending so soon. It was almost 2 hours that I was reading the book, but with the thrill and speed of White Noise I did not feel the time.

I loved the way Shruti has treated the climax, and as a matter of principles I don’t want to disclose the mystery, but believe me guys, this book has a very unpredictable end.

Shruti Upadhaya is an aspiring author who has earlier written several poems and stories. And with her first book, she certainly has left a big mark by truly treating the plot effectively and has given us a piece of genuine literature which is not just a bollywood movie script.

I recommend the book to every Thrill lover and hope to read her second book soon.


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