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Dekho Apna Desh – Vocal for Local

We are passing through the most critical moment in history. It’s not only time for prayer but also for action. The Covid-19 pandemic is creating a financial nightmare in the world unleashing a chain of devastating economic events that will change almost everything in our life. 

As a Travel writer/photographer, I am worried about the future of people like me. A few European countries have already announced closing of tourism for the year 2020, signaling silent death for Travel and Hospitality industry and poured Desi Ghee in the already raging fires around the world that luxury Travel industry is almost going to be dead for the next year or so.

We all love travelling and experiencing new destinations, cultures and networking with people. Unfortunately Covid-19 will certainly mean trying times ahead…

Travel and Hospitality has already been hit hard in this crisis, economic depression in sectors like: Airlines, Cruise operators, Restaurants, Hotel industry and many others are factors already creating a stir.

#postcovid19 Travel, I am sure will change its nature as #Change is the only constant.

And during the times of the Traveller’s pandemic, we can only be responsible of our actions and join hands with people who are now trying to promote responsible & sustainable tourism.

ExploreOutdoor.in is one such travel startup, who excitedly offer some amazing experiences coming your way once the situation is back to normal.

#Tourism definitely will play a crucial role to uplift the #economy and #BeVocalforLocal will certainly be the mantra of #dekhoapnadesh, the key factor.

The startup is planning to host amazing experiences which are just 4-5 hours driving distance from #Delhi #Mumbai #Bengaluru & #Jaipur at amazing retreats, offering you real #networking beyond social platforms, storytelling, scrumptious food, music and loads outdoor activities.

ExploreOutdoor.in is one of the fastest-growing experiential marketing startup, curating unplugged retreats and bespoke experiences for focused networking, engagement and brand promotion. Their mantra is “Let’s explore the explored with explore outdoor.”

The promoters are advocating to promote domestic #tourism to support the local trade and are delighted to see how everyone is now thinking in same direction.

Various products offered are unplugged and bespoke outdoor retreats, Golf Events, Golf Clinic, Sports Travel, Golf Course Branding, Hotel & Resort Marketing, Celebrity Marketing, Sports and Travel Sponsorship.

Krishna Kant Dubey, Founder & CEO – Explore Outdoor told us that, “#dekhoapnadesh will be a game changer to help #tourism industry in India and #vocalforlocal will further enhance the impact of #dekhoapnadesh. This is the time, when we have to be creative and innovative enough to plan our next domestic tourism season. I strongly believe that September onwards people will start travelling to #traveldestination which are at within 5-6 hour driving distance and #riversidecampsites, #farmstays #smallresorts will be preferred over #star #hotels”.

For further information you can connect with them at exploreoutdoor2020@gmail.com or Call +91 8076764684.

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