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Hypnotising Sunsets

Pradeep Chamaria / July 19, 2016

You like Sunrises or Sunsets? Nothing different! Is that what you are saying? No, No, no dear there is a lot of difference.

I personally love Sunsets. It’s a fascinating sight. Also, it takes no special effort to get up early in the morning before the sunrise to enjoy it.

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The colours changing in the horizon every moment just before the darkness sets in can be hypnotisng. It makes me forget time. The changing faces of the horizon and the colours of the cloud near the horizon changes so fast that even a painter cannot imagine the colours. Even a poet is at the loss of words when the rays of light reflect on water waves through the clouds.

I love sunsets so much that I always force my friends to come with me and enjoy the experience of the world’s greatest miracles in the evenings. On a seafront, the rising waves of the sea bathed in orange tones leave an everlasting peace on the viewer’s mind.  No one can possibly grasp such transient glimpses of Nature’s delightful display at a glance.


No two sunsets are alike because of the dispersal process of clouds on a particular day. The positioning of the clouds near the horizon also make every sunset different. Due to variation in the height of the clouds, the appearance of sunset is different every day near the seafront or even on a hillock. A number of times the golden rays falling on the clouds turn the mountains into gold – thereby giving a goldish glow.

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Even when I am in Delhi, I usually go out to places which give me an unobstructed view of the sun when it’s setting. The sun setting behind high rise buildings, the sharp-edged orange circle of the setting sun – make me forget myself. I forget all my problems and worries and enjoy the changing colours on the canvas of nature. Such moments of pleasure and happiness helps me live my life in a merrier manner.

Sometimes there is a lesson to learn too – I feel how much joy the sun provides even in its last moments by spreading its colourful beams of light. It vanishes majestically after a striking display of golden rays, leaving us behind with a lesson. We should also spread similar colourful light in our lives that those who remain behind us may take pride in disappearing the same way.

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Sunset is my greatest weakness – whenever the sun is setting I try to go out in open and watch it. It gives me immense pleasure and also peace to my mind.

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